Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Goose has Finished Incubating, Now the Work Begins

On Friday morning she was still setting. Friday afternoon she was gone with her goslings. All that is left are a wind-tossed downy bed. It was 29 days that she sat on this nest.
Empty goose nest on top of old hay bale.
I missed seeing this particular goose but spent this evening with another family including their new babies. What a pleasure to spend some time watching a bit of their new lives. I watched as they tried to land on a distant island but the bank was too steep for the babies to crawl up. The family then swam across to the far bank where all could get high and dry. A couple of people walking their dogs got a bit too close so the family re-entered the water and swam to shore where I was sitting quietly. It wasn't too long until they settled down once they were left alone.
Mother Goose Answers a Question
It was just my pleasure for the next half hour or so as I sat on the grass photographing and watching quietly.
Free Ride
 I would just like to mention to people who have the pleasure of watching wildlife with babies. This is a very stressful time for parents. Please help the new parents by keeping a safe distance. It is easy to see when you are crowding their personal safety space.
Bed Time, All Tucked In
Body language is universally recognisable to all observers. Please keep your dogs leashed and well back from wild families. Dogs, close relatives to wolves and coyotes, are predators to all wildlife. Please show your kids the new babies and teach them respect at the same time. Teach your kids about body language, the rewards of patience and quietness as well as the protectiveness of Moms and Dads, just like theirs. Children need the connection to nature as part of their healthy upbringing.
Thank you to all who defend and protect youngsters. Thanks to all the great, loving Moms. Thank you to all hard working, protective dads. You are all working hard to make greatkids and future adults.,
All 6 Babies


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