Wednesday, 10 December 2014

No Job

     I am no longer employed by Deerland Equipment by mutual agreement. It has not been my happy place for a few months but being afraid of the unknown and self-doubts, I stayed and made a living. I really wanted to be other places. With more and more pressure to get out and find sales, talk to people. sell old customers more equipment, do more demos, sell, sell, sell, I knew I was getting outside of my comfort zone. I was offered a different position within the company but took this as a "kick in the butt" to get out and do what I have want to do. I have some ideas that I will pursue along the path I began 9 years ago. I will get back into wilderness guiding, photography and writing.
     I have learned many valuable lessons about sales and humans over the past three years. Do you ever feel like saying something to some people?

  • People do not buy like I do. If I want something, I go get it. I have an idea about what I want and go find it. I will try to dicker price a bit but generally not overly successfully. I am getting ripped
  • I try to purchase major items before I really need it. I don't wait until the snow is knee deep and begin my search for a snow blower. I try to purchase snow tires before the big ice storm. I try to purchase my Christmas gifts before noon on the 24th Dec. Other people don't. They will wait until the last moment and then be pissed if they can't find exactly what they want NOW! We had lots of stock yesterday
  • Some customers are liars. "This tractor runs  beautifully, I just want a new one!" You hate it and you want to dump it on us!
  • "What? is that all you will give me for my 1983 Massey Harry tractor that runs like a top? I haven't put a dime into her, doesn't need a thing. Don't worry about that tear in the seat, the dent in the rad, the leaking gasket, that muffler bearing is just fine, the missing grease nipple on the rad cap has been missing for a while now, just noticed!" 500.00 less
  • You will never have exactly what a customer wants when he needs it yesterday. Hey jackass, we can order it for you. It's going to cost you!
  • Why can't you deliver that machine to me at 8:00 tonight? Cause I have a life!
  • You want how much for that mower? Are you nuts? I saw it in your flyer last week for 1/2 that! You're full of bear scat!
  • Your competition has it on for 300.00 less than you. Same thing exactly! Please go buy it there then!
  • I can get a Kubota for 3000.00 less! You deserve it
  • I want a hat and a jacket for me and my kin folk if I buy that 300.00 used lawn mower. Go to the thrift shop
  • The warranty is only 3 days passed! You could have called in when the problem first occurred and we could have covered it. 
  • I will never be back if this is the kind of service I can expect from you. I thank you for that small blessing!
  • The wife only drives that gator to the garden and back, It has never even seen a mud puddle! This machine is not a submarine! 
  • I have to ask the wife! No Balls? (I can speak big now, as long as mine isn't here!)
  • I am going to think about it. I am a gentle salesman. If you want it buy it. I am not going to hound and harass you. I am not going to kiss your butt to buy it from me! I am not going to call you at home at supper time or bed time to purchase anything. If you expect that, there is the next dealership down the road. You expressed an interest and I have given you the facts, the decision is yours now. (my downfall as a salesman)
     I am sure there are many other lessons and answers that I will think of over the next few days. I will try to add them. You are welcome to share your experiences in the comments.
     It is not all bad either. There are some great people out there if treated fairly. I will miss some of my good customers. They are working hard to get ahead and understand that two-way relationship building is important in marriages and in business.
     John Deere's do break down. They are fixable. You can get parts for them. They are expensive but you get what you pay for. If they don't work, we will make it right. If you wrecked it, you will pay. Don't lie to us, we can see what happened to cause the failure and will explain it, if it is your fault or the manufacturers fault.

I would like to thank all the great customers I had the privilege to sell a great product to. I would also like to thank Deerland and the great people dedicated to all of their customers satisfaction. I could never sell a Case or a Kubota tractor.


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