Monday, 18 January 2016

Haiku Poetry by Robyn Jacobs

Haiku Poetry by Robyn Jacobs
This poem was written by Robyn after her inspirational polar bear tour in the Churchill region with me over three days.

Well below freezing                                                  
Extreme weather conditions     
Lime Green Aurora
Winter in Churchill

Vivid lime-green streaks  
Aurora Borealis
Amazing light show

Swirls of colour streak
Far across the northern sky
God’s artist at work

Pre-Cambrian Shield Lines Hudson Bay

Black and white boulders
Witness to the Arctic freeze
Winter in Churchill

Tundra Wanderer

Polar bears wander
Across the white tundra
Hungry predator

Catabonic winds
Savagely bite the arctic
Cutting through the snow

Mother and Cub

Mother and cub traverse
the icy tundra landscape
Polar bear tundra


 Small, floating icebergs              

Drift, carefree on Hudson Bay
Ice Covered Boulders in Inter-tidal Zone
Announcing winter

                                                                                                                   Glinting winter sun
Sunset Over Churchill River
Reveals an icy landscape

Wintry Hudson Bay

Two polar bear cubs
Staying close to mothers steps
Feeding on the kelp
Mother and Cubs Picking at Washed Up Kelp

Roaming polar bear
Skating on the icy lake
Foraging for food
Thousands of Icy Ponds and Lakes Dot the Tundra

Watchful mother waits
For menacing male to pass
Danger averted
Mom with Two Cubs Watchful Of Danger

      Haiku poetry originated in Japan during the 12th century. It is generally about nature and each stanza consists of three lines; the first and third line have five syllables and the second line has seven. They do not rhyme.

     Poetry creation is one of the time fillers I like to use to entertain and engage guests during times when wildlife sightings wane. There is not always a polar bear within a few meters. I,myself,am not a poet of any kind,but certainly do appreciate the poetry talent of some of my guests. I enjoyed many examples of poetry and limericks and now Haiku during the past season tours. Thank you for that entertainment.

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