Thursday, 19 May 2016

Diving Loons

     This is one of my first attempts at video with my old Nikon D-300s. Not ideal camera but I must start somewhere.
     It is an amazing world out there once we get to sit still long enough to watch it. We have all seen ducks and loons diving for food but it is rare that you can actually see what they do once under the water surface. I was out in the mountains of western Alberta last summer and found this very isolated pond where this common loon pair were nesting and called home. Perfect day for this trial run of videoing. It is not as easy to do as professionals make it look. I learned a few things this day.
  • I need a tripod to hold camera steady. I have one but don't carry it with me very often. I deleted several shots that were too shaky to view comfortably. Even this one is not perfect.
  • You need good light. This is probably okay but much dimmer would not work well with this camera.
  • You need a good microphone that the wind will not interfere with. Very annoying, scratching sounds interfere with the serenity and ambiance of the natural landscape.
  • A clear LCD viewfinder on the camera would be a great help or at least a tent to block some light.
     This is a short starting list that I am sure will get longer as I practise more. I may even require a modern camera,so I need time to convince wifey.

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