Sunday, 12 June 2016

Heritage Marsh

Following a hot tip, I thought I should wander around Heritage Marsh located in Eastern Sherwood Park.Rain threatened and sometimes drizzled but it was a very nice day to be out wandering around in Mother Nature's wonders. The marsh is a series of flood-water lakes that help to hold run-off water providing beautiful and varied waterfowl habitat. I did see a rare, for me, American Bittern, but by the time I saw and identified it, it was flying too far away for a photo.Also spotted was a Sora but could not get a photo through wind-blown cattails.
Brewers Blackbird

      I did manage a few good Red-winged Blackbirds as well as a Brewers Blackbird all nesting in the tangled cattails.
Female Red-winged Blackbird

Male Red-winged Blackbird
     A pleasant surprise were Cedar Waxwings that were nice enough to pose for me fairly close in decent light.
Cedar Waxwing

     The best sighting of the day was an American Coot family that I managed to get a few shots of through swaying reeds, willows and cattails. Talk about cute-ugly babies striving for attention with their wild and colorful hairdos.
Baby American Coot

American Coot Feeding Baby

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