Friday, 27 January 2017

Beauty of Hoar Frost

     As a reward for suffering through several days of depressing fog, the sun threw back its foggy blanket revealing a crystalline coating of white brilliance covering the landscape. Every blade of grass, tree limb, fence line or machine was covered by a thick white garland of hoarfrost. Each icy crystal glistened as the sun reflected off each facet, In some places it seemed too thick and heavy to be true. The whole country was covered by it, like a blanket of snow, but not. The land looks clean and bright after the dullness of the past few days. Optimism abounds once again. The land is coming back to life as the sunshine predicts warmer weather, bad news for the hoar frost. Already I see crystals falling ground ward, nudged on by light breezes that are helping to warm the land. By days end, all branches and stalks are free of their frosty covering, revealing their true skeletal formations.

Sunburst Through Aspen Forest

      I marvel at the beauty as I travel down one of the frosty roads in Elk Island National Park looking for elusive bison or deer.
Every Tree is Lined by a Thick Coating of Hoar Frost
I spot a couple of bison as I travel down the highway. They are still in the fog but it is lifting and the fence is very well defined by a thick coating of frost.
Peering Through the Fence at Grazing Bison

Further into the park I see a Mule Deer doe with a pair of last springs fawns. They are browsing and resting amongst frosty willows.
Mule Deer Doe Browsing
If I Lay Still You Can't See Me Cud Chewing
I leave the park travelling the back roads through farm country. Even the old machinery and buildings have attracted a thick layer of frost.
Horse Drawn Dump Rake
Tractor Drawn Wheel Rake
     The beauty of the frosty landscape is a wonderment of beauty seen a couple times each year. It is rare enough in this region to be enjoyed and marvelled at each time it happens. I do not always have the time to get out to enjoy it at the right time, but this was pretty good. We live in a beautiful world.  

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